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Media Piece from Johnny’s Seductive Reasoning Seminar in Oslo,Norway
(much of it is in Norwegian – But plenty of it is in English as well!)

Johnny breaks it down in Olso at Morten Hake Summit 2011

The Worthy Playboy Manifesto: A Living Document

What Defines a Worthy Playboy?

A ‘Worthy Playboy’ is a master at The Game of Life – a Game in which the rules are unspecified, and in which the PURPOSE is to figure out which rules apply TO YOU while attaining and maintaining primal, self-perpetuating Happiness.

Playboy” denotes a man devoted to the pursuit of pleasure;

A traditional ‘worthless playboy’ is a tragic character, bereft of personality-traits and characteristics which would justify the company he keeps; he must therefore lavish his retinue with copious extravagance, substituting money-for-character, and replacing the necessity of beinginteresting with merely being impressive… and impressive plays-out veryquickly.

Worthy” connotes merit; honor; nobility, eminence; righteousness; deserving, and high-value;

To both be a playboy while exemplifying those characteristics of worthiness might sound like a daunting challenge, beyond the reach of mortal men; but it is not beyond YOUR REACH:

All it requires is an absolute dedication to achieving ongoing personal-satisfaction– through comprehensively understanding and appreciating YOURSELF, and ensuring your words, your actions, and your motives are all congruent with the person you wish to be; YOUR BEST SELF!

When you are able to objectively view yourself, and honestly say “I’d be delighted to have ME as a friend” you’re almost there!

When you develop a healthy sense of “Self-Esteem” [the way you regard yourself, and what you EXPECT you should be able to accomplish] and your “Self-Confidence” [what you have PROVED to yourself you can accomplish] are appropriately lofty, and matched to each-other, you’ve attained ‘Self-Satisfaction’.

Add to that the sense of Happiness, and you’ve become “Successful!”

That ‘successfulness’ is something which broadcasts itself loudly and clearly, without the need every to speak a word… it is the pure essence of self-love and self-appreciation which makes the possessor IRRESISTIBLY, COMPELLINGLY ATTRACTIVE to other people… because just being around someone who is THAT comfortable is addictive!



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