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Thousands of people, men and women alike, have already taken the opportunity to download and review the six hour-long free videos from my "Introduction to 'Seductive Reasoning' 101" seminar; for those of you who have not, I genuinely invite and encourage you to download, watch, and share them with your friends and loved-ones. I believe you'll appreciate them, and those with whom you share them will appreciate both the seminar, and you for bringing it to their attention!

This seminar is composed of a plethora of radical "reframes" - alternative perspectives which permit the viewer to reconsider elements of their reality in new, enlightening ways - the majority of which require at least a few hours to permeate into your psyche, fighting through whatever resistance you might have to anything which would invalidate your preconceptions. (Bear in mind - most people would rather fight, and possibly be killed, rather than abandoning a mistaken preconception. This is what has filled armies throughout history!)

I cannot stress how valuable it can be for the viewer to RE-WATCH the Intro seminar in its entirety at least once after giving it a week or two to percolate into your permanent memory, to allow yourself to catch the multitude of previously missed messages which will suddenly be crystal clear, and exquisitely obvious upon second viewing.

Watch Introduction to Seductive Reasoning 101 here

(6 video playlist, optimized for mobile devices)

or download the higher resolution versions from the links in the side bar.


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