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What is The Worthy Playboy Institute?

The Worthy Playboy Institute is the conception of a happy and successful life.  It’s an aggregation of many like-minded people, who come from different ‘schools’ of thought, and are all working towards the same goals.  To live a happy and successful life.  We are here to provide guidance, focus, direction and instruction on how to help you to permanently purge you of all your undeserved feelings of guilt and shame.  These things that ONLY serve to inhibit you, cripple your progress, delay your destiny, and prevent you from becoming the person you CAN and SHOULD be… confident of your OWN Power, affirmed by your own decisions, and TRULY accepting of and comfortable with yourself!

Among the many things we teach include:

  • How to FREE YOURSELF from the constraints of peer-pressure (no mere childhood issue, it is much more profound than anyone would imagine.)
  • How to liberate yourself from the ANXIETY OF NOT KNOWING, thereby empowering you to learn new things, without compunction, shame, or fear.
  • How to emancipate yourself from the belief that STRANGERS’ OPINIONS MATTER!
  • How to ‘reframe’ conversations to ensure YOUR message is getting through! Ultimately, the ability to speak your mind calmly and confidently, and to build communication-frames which suit all parties, will become central to your interactions with others.

We are a group of casanovas, pirates, hippies, libertines… Worthy Playboys.  We live our lives completely happy, with honesty, and with success.

Feature on Johnny Soporno for BrusselsTV, Belgium

Modern society is entirely founded upon FEAR – but this need not be the case!

Johnny Soporno, developer of the “‘Seductive Reasoning’ Paradigm” has been addressing audiences of civilians, ‘Recovering Pick-Up Artists’ and ‘Aspiring Worthy Playboys & Playgirls” alike towards attaining and maintaining the MOST ATTRACTIVE STATE OF ALL:


…And helping everyone in attended overcome their fears and limiting beliefs which have prevented them from achieving this successfulness!

“Success is a Journey” – which means that as you progress through your life, you continually need to reinvest in yourself in order to maintain a position of success.

Wherever YOU ARE on your journey, you should feel that YOU’VE ‘ARRIVED’ – You should never settle for feeling as though you’re less than you should be, NOR should you feel you’ve progressed beyond your situation.

“Successfulness” is an automatic state-of-being, which can neither be suppressed nor ignored. Generated through the combination of relentlessly renewing Self-Satisfaction and enduring, self-sustaining Happiness.

Sounds easy enough!

SO…. Why are SO FEW PEOPLE self-satisfied?

Why are SO FEW PEOPLE Happy?!

Through positively Reframing the participants’ perspectives on, and perceptions of, Society-As-We-Know-It, Johnny explains how KNOWING YOURSELF, APPRECIATING & ACCEPTING YOUR personal strengths and weaknesses, Talents (which are ‘innate’) and Skills (which may be developed and improved), and setting only REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS of yourself – and for others – will help you attain Self-Assurance, and prevent you from either over- or under-estimating yourself.

This is PIVOTAL both in building justified Self-Esteem, and in purging limiting-beliefs which fester into self-doubt and depression.

By applying Johnny’s “Reasoned Confidence” model, and using it exclusively when making your decisions,

Unearned GUILT, socially-assigned SHAME, and brooding REGRET all _VANISH_PERMANENTLY_ when you make all your decisions with Reasoned Confidence, once you have comfortably accepted the Seductive Reasoning Frame.

This empowers you to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE! – and learn THAT YOU CAN AND SHOULD TRUST YOURSELF: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Focusing on real-world application and propagation of the SR model, Johnny further expands upon and explains the philosophy, and demonstrates simple-yet-effective ways to broach the subject. He also demonstrates how to ensure comfortable ‘Buy-in’ from virtually anyone, whether one-on-one, or in any group, regardless of whether they are men, women, or a combination.


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This is the article about Johnny Soporno published in the
DeMorgen Newspaper, August 2008, Belgium
(English translation coming soon!)