Torkel "TJ" Guttormsen

TJ started his journey into the fields of self-development, seduction and lifestyle building in 2006, and had no idea what journey he was about to embark upon. Since then he has worked with close friends, world famous instructors and on his own to develop the social life of his dreams.


In the summer of 2008, TJ had his first official appearance at a seminar held by Johnny Soporno and Steve Piccus in Berlin, where he talked for an hour at a 1-day seminar on dating multiple girlfriends. He was then initiated as a coach for The Worthy Playboy Institute by Johnny, and has since worked at events with men such as Zan Perrion, Adam Lyons, Steve Pavlina and Jamie Smart to mention a few.


In January of 2009, TJ founded the lifestyle company Genuine Connections ( in Norway. The company and his teachings brought immediate success and has reaped amazing testimonials from all his clients. Teaching and coaching is Tj’s passion and full time profession, and he’s also been profiled in pretty much all the major Norwegian media, including radio, tv, newspapers and magazines.


TJ is also the author of the site ( ), and shares his philosophies and advice there as well as on other Norwegian blogs and mailing lists.


“I grew up being a shy and introverted guy,” TJ says, “and the only place I really felt comfortable was when I did martial arts. I was not a very happy person, and as far as girls were concerned I constantly felt insecure and uncomfortable.  I decided to change this, and as I got older and discovered that I could actually decide for myself who I wanted to be and how I wanted to live, things really started to change! Today I’m living the social life of my dreams and I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone’s! My biggest passion today is helping other people achieve that same feeling.”


When TJ is asked to list the most important skills and mindsets he teaches, his answer is simply: “Open, honest and direct communication skills. Playfulness and positivity, and the ability to be comfortable with yourself in any situation.”