Modern society is entirely founded upon FEAR – but this need not be the case!

Johnny Soporno, developer of the “‘Seductive Reasoning’ Paradigm” has been addressing audiences of civilians, ‘Recovering Pick-Up Artists’ and ‘Aspiring Worthy Playboys & Playgirls” alike towards attaining and maintaining the MOST ATTRACTIVE STATE OF ALL:


…And helping everyone in attended overcome their fears and limiting beliefs which have prevented them from achieving this successfulness!

“Success is a Journey” – which means that as you progress through your life, you continually need to reinvest in yourself in order to maintain a position of success.

Wherever YOU ARE on your journey, you should feel that YOU’VE ‘ARRIVED’ – You should never settle for feeling as though you’re less than you should be, NOR should you feel you’ve progressed beyond your situation.

“Successfulness” is an automatic state-of-being, which can neither be suppressed nor ignored. Generated through the combination of relentlessly renewing Self-Satisfaction and enduring, self-sustaining Happiness.

Sounds easy enough!

SO…. Why are SO FEW PEOPLE self-satisfied?

Why are SO FEW PEOPLE Happy?!

Through positively Reframing the participants’ perspectives on, and perceptions of, Society-As-We-Know-It, Johnny explains how KNOWING YOURSELF, APPRECIATING & ACCEPTING YOUR personal strengths and weaknesses, Talents (which are ‘innate’) and Skills (which may be developed and improved), and setting only REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS of yourself – and for others – will help you attain Self-Assurance, and prevent you from either over- or under-estimating yourself.

This is PIVOTAL both in building justified Self-Esteem, and in purging limiting-beliefs which fester into self-doubt and depression.

By applying Johnny’s “Reasoned Confidence” model, and using it exclusively when making your decisions,

Unearned GUILT, socially-assigned SHAME, and brooding REGRET all _VANISH_PERMANENTLY_ when you make all your decisions with Reasoned Confidence, once you have comfortably accepted the Seductive Reasoning Frame.

This empowers you to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE! – and learn THAT YOU CAN AND SHOULD TRUST YOURSELF: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Focusing on real-world application and propagation of the SR model, Johnny further expands upon and explains the philosophy, and demonstrates simple-yet-effective ways to broach the subject. He also demonstrates how to ensure comfortable ‘Buy-in’ from virtually anyone, whether one-on-one, or in any group, regardless of whether they are men, women, or a combination.

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