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Weekend Intensive "Lifestyle Reboot" Workshop

A Comprehensive Lifestyle Makeover

The objective of the Lifestyle Makeover is to provide you with the guidance and framework to PURGE ALL your unearned, undeserved, and inappropriate feelings of Guilt and Shame, FOREVER!

These ONLY serve to inhibit you and hobble your progress, delaying your destiny, and keeping you from becoming the person you SHOULD and CAN be… Confident of your OWN Power, affirmed by your own decisions, and TRULY accepting of — and comfortable with — yourself!

We focus initially on helping you to overcome the LIFETIME of religiously & culturally reinforced negative, nonsensical and emotionally abusive social programming that you have unwittingly accepted…

A Primer for Successfulness...

We will not ‘deprogram you’ — but rather, by stepping you through a comprehensive series of irrefutable arguments, supported by undeniable facts, and leading to inescapable conclusions — YOU WILL *PERSONALLY* PROVE TO YOURSELF that you have been suffering FOR NOTHING — and with that, you will feel like a new person – *GUARANTEED!*

Most people don’t even realize that they are suffering! They ENDURE countless insignificant or even miserable days, without progressing. Without becoming more mature, more satisfied, or more comfortable as they age… they simply become more numb to their pain, and more oblivious to (or accepting of!) their life’s slipping away from them – like water down the drain!

The Worthy Playboy Institute doesn’t permit that kind of self-abandonment!

Our students are TORN from their comforting-misery, and have plainly demonstrated in excruciating detail HOW AND WHY their suffering is ENTIRELY SELF-INFLICTED, and can be ended forever, as easily as turning off the tap!

YOU needn’t suffer any longer. We will help you develop legitimate, justified self-respect; to establish appropriate self-esteem, and purge erroneous and worthless artifacts left in place from your childhood, your ‘job’, your formal education, from Television, and from Society-at-Large. We will help you establish, FOR YOURSELF, who you really are, and what really matters to you – andfor you.


“He is a better seducer and teacher than everyone on this list [25 WORLD'S GREATEST PICKUP ARTISTS], including me.”

Sean “Newman” Messenger ~ Former Head Coach, Pickup101

We are NOT merely offering ‘empowerment’ –


– literally, an end to needless suffering, once and for all!

“A ‘Pick Up Artist’ is the ‘Con Artist’ of the Sexual Predator arena!”

Make no mistake! I’m not criticizing either the teaching of, or someone’s learning ‘Pick Up’ techniques…

It’s fine for modern men to discover that it’s NOT an affront to approach someone, and to begin a friendly interaction – in that way,
learning ‘Pick Up’ is very helpful.

But once you become comfortable and confident in breaking the ice, expressing anything other than your true self is self-sabotage, as well as unethical and creepy.

Once you are able to break through initial resistance, it is time to become disarming – to have the people you find interesting share themselves with you, willingly.

Transcending ‘Pick Up’, by becoming comfortable getting to genuinely KNOW someone, and letting them get to know the real you, is pivotal to establishing a worthwhile relationship.

Successfulness” is the most attractive and compelling quality a person may possess. It is ENTIRELY INTERNALLY GENERATED, and requires absolutely NO affirmation nor validation by anyone else, period.

It is ONLY generated through matching your appropriate self-esteem to your self-confidence (thereby achieving ‘Self-Satisfaction’) and conjoining that with genuine, self-sustaining Happiness.

Most everyone alive, and virtually everyone in the Seduction Community, has been raised grossly misunderstanding their OWN motivations, and still worse, the motivations of the opposite sex.




That we’re all fundamentally after the same things, and that by using our model of direct communication, not only with the ‘defenses’ be dropped, but YOU WILL BE WELCOMED WITH OPEN ARMS, and accepted and appreciated holistically.



‘The Game’ is not about ‘Picking up girls’ — it’s THE GAME OF LIFE, and we will not only teach you how to WIN IT, but also to enjoy the results of playing it well for the rest of your days.

The Game of Life, ONCE YOU REALIZE IT, can be uniformly satisfying, joyous and pleasant, rich and rewarding, and above all, SATISFYING. But like a video-game, sometimes it helps to know the cheat-codes  And that’s what we are here to teach!

  • How to FREE YOURSELF from the constraints of peer-pressure (No mere childhood issue, it is much more profound than anyone would imagine!)
  • How to liberate yourself from the ANXIETY OF NOT KNOWING, thereby empowering you to learn new things, without compunction, shame, or fear.
  • How to emancipate yourself from the belief that STRANGERS’ OPINIONS MATTER!
  • How to ‘reframe’ conversations, to ensure YOUR message is getting through! Ultimately, the ability calmly, happily, and confidently to speak your mind and build communications-frames which suit all parties will become central to your interactions with others, an we’ll teach you how and why it works, and get you underway!

“As for Johnny Soporno, someone mentioned that I took lots of notes when he talked. You’re damn right I did… [Johnny] is a straight shooter and intelligent, very personable, and most importantly to me, dead honest with women. “


A Weekend Long Intensive Course:

The Lifestyle Makeover is NOT certain to bring you the sublime mastery of confidence your instructors will demonstrate – but it *IS GUARANTEED* to give you a RADICAL improvement in your self-respect, self-confidence, and appreciation of life, overall!

Certain deeply ingrained issues, hysterical phobias, and debilitating fears might require extremely powerful, yet non-invasive hypnotherapy, which is available through the institute at your request.

During the days of intensive group-study, generally ‘Socratic’ round-table discussions, but also in-field, practical outtings to nearby malls, popular restaurants, or other populated areas, to help participants to learn to flirt comfortably, andcommunicate intentions effortlessly.

Our first evening, presuming everyone has done their homework*, will be a group discussion around the Seductive Reasoning paradigms, as well as tackling the challenges of inter-gender communication.

*Homework consists of actively taking notes while watching the nearly six hour of our ‘Intro to “Seductive Reasoning” 101 & 102′ video seminars, (available for free download from

Our goal is to explain certain key elements in a semi-firm order, with PLENTY of break-out time. During break-outs, the mentors will help students work through any issues which cause them difficulty, or require further elaboration and explanation.

The Q&A will be basically constant – and you and your fellow students, over the course of the workshop, will become more and more able to answer one-another’s questions. This isn’t a ‘Juice You Up’ thing… Once you UNDERSTAND what you’ll be introduced to, you WON’T BE ABLE to ‘Take the Blue Pill’ anymore. Once you see the world clearly for what it TRULY is, and other people for their roles within The Game, you will NEVER be able to pull the wool over your own eyes again.

Sound scary? It’s WORTH IT!

The changes in your BRAIN will be felt overnight, if not immediately! – These mindset changes will be followed between a couple-of-days and several weeks later by the acceptance of your new paradigm into your emotional-center. (Your feelings aren’t logical, like your conscious mind, but they DO REASON, and resolving these new insights, and coming to comfort with the fantastic-yet-true replacements, overcoming the momentum of a lifetime of faulty programming… can take a little time!

If you’re sick of feeling that you’ve disappointed yourself, tired of accepting the frustrations of your mundane life, and you are seeking a non-religious answer to WHY THINGS JUST DON’T MAKE SENSE all around you — Come to us. If you want a life-enhancing and spiritually/psychologically permanent improvement in the way you live, in every aspect of your world, come to us.

Your reality WILL be REFRAMED for the better, Guaranteed!


Johnny Soporno

“No one I have ever met has more girlfriends hanging around with him all the time than Johnny. His collection is remarkable and reflects his unique abilities to draw and keep women to him. “

Cliff ~ Founder, CLIFF’S LIST

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